Trial Court Case Results

  • Numerous defense verdicts in arson/fraud cases tried on behalf of insurance companies who have denied insurance claims because of arson/fraud committed by their insureds.
  • Numerous defense verdicts in personal injury claims where juries have returned verdicts absolving our clients of liability, found that plaintiffs have not met tort thrsholds, or both.
  • Summary Judgment received in wrongful death case based upon plaintiff's failure to obtain an order appointing a trustee to bring the wrongful death claim prior to the expiration of the statute of limitations.
  • Directed verdict received in an insurance coverage case based upon insured plaintiff's failure to prove coverage under the terms of plaintiff's insurance policy.
  • Successful pursuit of significant subrogation recoveries based on theories of negligence and/or product liability.
  • Numerous successful awards received from arbitrators and appraisal panels.